Oracle SQL For Data Analysis : Truly From Basics to Advanced Free Download


Free Download Oracle SQL For Data Analysis : Truly From Basics to Advanced, with this course you will have the option to RDBMS Concepts : SQL Basics : Complex SubQueries & Joins : Analytic Functions : Data Integrity : Transaction Handling. It contains 56 recordings. Remember that numerous understudies are tried out this course Oracle SQL For Data Analysis : Truly From Basics to Advanced, so don't hold on to download it presently, it's totally free. You can start learning Oracle SQL For Data Analysis : Truly From Basics to Advanced by clicking the download link below.

Before you can start learning from this course explained in English (UK) you need to have No prior programming knowledge is required in any language It is learn-by-doing hands-on course, so except UG level education in any branch there is no other requirement.

Oracle SQL For Data Analysis : Truly From Basics to Advanced is targeting for people that have interset in Students interested in database back end programming, Programmers in any other front end language like Java or PHP or Python etc, must learn SQL, Engineering students, Computer Science students, Science / Commerce students - All pursuing UG or PG or completed with degree, Management people who are required to draw ad-hoc data as per requirement.

Finally you will learn how to SQL over Oracle 19 C version on Oracle LiveSQL platform, A to Z in SQL on Oracle's latest version, Go from an absolute beginner to an advanced SQL developer in less than 15 hours, RDBMS fundamentals and explanation on various terminologies for interview preparation, This is a complete course which does not require the students to have local installation of Oracle yet they we use the latest version of Oracle from web, Structure of basic query statement - Projection, Predicate and Verb, Use of Logical Operators - AND, OR, IN, BETWEEN, NOT, DISTINCT, LIKE, Various important properties of ORDER BY clause with examples, Deal with NULL values - IS NULL, NVL, NVL2, COALESCE, All forms of Sub-queries / Nested Queries - Multi-valued, Returning NULL, Set Comparison, Correlated, EXISTS operator, ANY & ALL operators, All forms of JOIN operations - Inner, Equijoin, Natural, Non-equijoin, Selfjoin, Outer Join operator, OUTER JOIN clause, GROUP BY clause concept - Group Functions MAX, MIN, SUM, AVG, COUNT - Group function tricky queries, Analytical / Aggregate form of Function - ROLLUP, CUBE, RANK, DENSE_RANK, DECODE vs CASE, SQL General Functions - Conversion, Numeric, String, Date functions - Query examples, Database Transaction Concepts - DML statements and forms - Rows Locking FOR UPDATE NOWAIT clause - Transaction Consistent Read SET TRANSACTION READ ONLY, SQL commands DELETE vs TRUNCATE - Difference and similarities, CREATE TABLE from scratch and copy from existing table - ALTER TABLE - Add/drop columns - Change column datatypes/widths and limitations - RENAME columns/Table, Constraint Metadata - Enable / Disable Constraint - Data Validation, Data Integrity Concepts - Data Integrity Constraints - Column / Table level constraint definitions - Referential Integrity through FOREIGN KEY constraint, IMMEDIATE vs DEFERRED constraints - Transaction level constraint validation.

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