TensorFlow 2.0 Practical Advanced Free Download


Free Download TensorFlow 2.0 Practical Advanced, with this course you will have the option to Master Tensorflow 2.0, Google’s most powerful Machine Learning Library, with 5 advanced practical projects. It contains 82 recordings. Remember that numerous understudies are tried out this course TensorFlow 2.0 Practical Advanced, so don't hold on to download it presently, it's totally free. You can start learning TensorFlow 2.0 Practical Advanced by clicking the download link below.

Before you can start learning from this course explained in English (US) you need to have PC with internet connection, Recommended - The Ultimate Tensorflow 20 Practical Course.

TensorFlow 2.0 Practical Advanced is targeting for people that have interset in Data Scientists who want to apply their knowledge on Real World Case Studies, AI Developers, AI Researchers.

Finally you will learn how to Build, train, test and deploy Advanced Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) models using Google’s newly released TensorFlow 20, Understand the underlying theory and mathematics behind Generative Adversarial Neural Networks (GANs), Apply revolutionary GANs to generate brand new images using Keras API in TF 20, Understand the underlying theory and mathematics behind Auto encoders and Variational Auto Encoders (VAEs), Train and test Auto-Encoders to perform image compression and de-noising using Keras API in TF 20, Understand the underlying theory and mathematics behind DeepDream algorithm Develop, train, and test State-of-the art DeepDream algorithm to create AI-based art masterpieces using Keras API in TF 20!, Understand the intuition behind Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs), Train Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) networks to generate new Shakespeare-style text using Keras API in TF 20!, Apply transfer learning to transfer knowledge from pre-trained MobileNet and ResNet networks to classify new images using TensorFlow 20 Hub, Develop ANNs models and train them in Google’s Colab while leveraging the power of GPUs and TPUs, Deploy AI models in practice using TensorFlow 20 Serving.

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