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Free Download The Modern Angular Bootcamp, with this course you will have the option to Get job ready with Angular! Understand how to build, test, and deploy production-ready apps.. It contains 506 recordings. Remember that numerous understudies are tried out this course The Modern Angular Bootcamp, so don't hold on to download it presently, it's totally free. You can start learning The Modern Angular Bootcamp by clicking the download link below.

Before you can start learning from this course explained in English (US) you need to have Basic understanding of Javascript, Basic understanding of how to use the command line.

The Modern Angular Bootcamp is targeting for people that have interset in Anyone looking to learn more about Angular.

Finally you will learn how to Build amazing single page applications with Angular and Typescript, Master fundamental concepts behind structuring Angular applications, Realize the power of building composable components, Be the engineer who explains how Angular works to everyone else, because you know the fundamentals so well, Build a portfolio of projects to show any potential employer, Architect large apps effectively using Typescript + Angular's Module system, Handle and process data declaratively using RxJs, Leverage Angular's built in testing framework to make sure your code works correctly.

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